How to Influence the Future

January 1, 2018

It’s wonderful to wake up on the first day of a new year and have so much possibility in front of us. I am inspired by a book I am reading called, Draw the Circle: The 40 Day Prayer Challenge by Mark Batterson. I read a chapter a day, followed by journaling about what I have just taken in. I find it a nice way to set my intention for the day, it keeps me grounded.

IMG_1277To start the first day of the year, I pulled out the book and the journal, having not touched it since before the holidays, and set about my goal of finishing it during the month of January. I have 22 more chapters to read and they consist of only a few pages each. I love that the first day of the year starts on a Monday, I am ready to kick things into gear, it’s nice to have the rest of the week to support my efforts.

In chapter 18, the author discusses not giving up, despite the odds or obstacles in your path, keep forging through. I have taken in many messages this week as I look around, listen and read as one year ends and another begins, on that very topic of keeping at your dreams, your goals, over coming hurdles and anything else that stands in your way. The common thread is to have faith, hope and patience. The fight we need to wage, to reach the destiny that is planned for us, can be at times both tough and insurmountable. The reward sweet after what seems like a herculean effort.

I did not make resolutions, instead I am going to spend this year reaching for my dreams. I hope that God meets me there, and if not, I know my efforts will lead to something else that was intended, I just didn’t know it at the time. I am excited about what will show up. I hope you will be too, for the dreams you want for yourself.

Today is a great day to put into motion your battle plan. Remember, if you don’t get out of the boat, you will never walk on water.

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  1. Thank you for the compliment and reading this!! I cannot not move forward without faith, when I do it doesn’t seem to work out as well, or at all. This simple book has given me so many moments reflection and surprisingly, motivation to act.:)

  2. I enjoyed reading about your plan and yes, it did spark me to go back and probably sometime later this week get back to my own blog… The path we walk is not only one of complete faith, but also of determination to make it our own and by owning the path we walk on we can be sure to walk strong. I look forward to reading more.

    1. Erin so true and I have always loved your wisdom. So glad you are making time for your wonderful blog. Looking forward to reading your insights!

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