We are instinctively programmed to create. I heard an inspirational online talk about how our “creator,” created us, to create. I cannot think of anything that brings more joy to my life than creating something. Look around at what we have all created: We have created families, homes, bonds with our friends, careers, businesses, a life for our pets, created a way to serve our country and community, art, music and so much more. We are always creating. Do we honor our practice of creating? I need to work at keeping the creative process alive. I get distracted with other tasks in my daily life. I know I should stay focused, slow down and make time for what inspires me.

DSC_0578I had a wonderful conversation with a friend who is transitioning into the next chapter of her life. One door has closed and she is actively seeking, to open another. After years of having one foot in one world and the other trying to step into her future, she suddenly found herself with both feet pointed forward, the past occupation, behind her. She’s totally ready to tackle it head on, fully aware of what limitations she wants to put on her next career. With life, comes experience and she has had plenty. What she knows is she wants to enjoy her life, not merely work through it. I couldn’t agree more. Working is good for you when you enjoy what you do and can strike a balance.

Creating is a special trait we all share, seeking knowledge is uniquely human. The philosopher Aristotle wrote humans live by art and reasoning. It was important 2000 years ago and it remains true today. We have a drive that is part of our DNA to pursue new things and challenge ourselves to be better. Regardless of our best intentions, along the way we can become distracted, leaving our passions in the park position, putting curiosity on the shelf for another day. Maybe we’ll have more time tomorrow, next week. Those days turn into years and our dreams risk being forgotten. The fact is, we will never have more time than we do right now. Stick with it! If you have a list of things you want to accomplish, now is the time to dust it off and give it a realistic look. Completing just one item on your “to do list” is very gratifying and gives you the oomph to keep going. Before long, you are adding to the list, and nothing can stop you.

Need inspiration? Look around you. People are reaching for new horizons everywhere you look. In my corner of the world, I am watching my 80-year-old mother and her grandson start a business together, I am witnessing a young neighbor earning accolades for her singing on the national stage, my in-laws in their 80s just sold their 50-year old business in upstate New York and are going to drive cross-country, visit states they are interested in and then settle in southern California. The take away; get up, keep up and move forward. Take that next step, or leap or jump into it, you’ll gain experience and get closer to fulfillment.

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    1. Thanks Dianne! They could benefit from company along that trip! I am so ready to head south or west 🙂

  1. So much good advice in this. It is so easy to become distracted by the business of life and forget to pursue things that inspire you. My focus this year is to cultivate curiosity. And I’ll meet you girls in Southern California. Sounds like an adventure!!

    1. Thanks so much!! I love when we can tap into our child-like curiosity, an aspect of ourselves that seems to be left behind when we reach adulthood. Can’t wait to hear about all your wonderful discoveries this year! The magic that will unfold as life is seen through a different lens, filled with wonder and curiosity. You will have to share that trip! It is time for a warm adventure, for sure!

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