Remaining Calm When Sick …my strategy for tackling the flu.

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There’s a lot of scary news reports, and evidence that will make 2018, one of the worse flu seasons to hit in over a decade. The shot, for those who take it, has been reported to be approximately 25% effective. With two major strains of flu going around and not enough protection provided for immunity; fear and helplessness can set in. Everyone is on high alert. A cough or sneeze in a public place is enough to give me whip-lash trying to discover its source and the best way to avoid the 25-foot plume of germs. Sometimes we never know the source of illness, the flu can remain active on surfaces for 24-hours. So, when my husband woke up on a Saturday morning, complaining he didn’t feel right, I put my arsenal of homeopathic remedies to work…along with taking steps to isolate him from the rest of the family. We were away for the weekend so he wore a mask for the ride home.

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I think this says it all when we are sick. I recommend snuggling with our pets, they make us feel better.

First things first, please check to see if the items listed below will interfere with any prescription drugs you are taking, or if you are allergic to any ingredients. I wish I could add check with your doctor regarding herbs, but unfortunately most are not educated on the healing power of herbs. Do consult your doctor for medical advice, as this is not intended to be a substitute for consulting with your doctor. Therefore, having a homeopath as part of your wellness regime is highly recommended, they do know about herbs. I have benefited from incorporating a homeopath, along with my MD, as part of my strategy to get over the flu, or any illness.


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Here is a sampling of what I have on hand at all times. I use liquid or capsules, they get into the system better.

Zinc. I use a concentrated liquid zinc at the first sign of illness and shoot two droppers into the back of the throat, a couple times a day. Zinc is an essential mineral and fights infection. Learn more here: Click.

Garlic. I take garlic daily for immune maintenance. When sick, I prepare fresh garlic tea and a syrup for round the clock support. Learn more about garlic’s healing properties Here.

Vitamin C. I use Ester C as a support to my immune system daily. I add Liposomal Vitamin C in liquid form, up to 5,000 mgs or more, during sickness, not long term or in one sitting. Spread out the dosage. Liposomal Vitamin C information: Here.

Probiotics. I take one daily, in capsule form. I take all my supplements in capsule or liquid form for absorption reasons. More information: Here.

Beta-Glucan. I have not used this, but I have heard from trusted sources, this is the real deal. Learn more: Here.

Turmeric. I use this herb like a pain-killer and fever reducer. Learn more: Here.

Ginger. I add this to everything. I have a big bag of organic ginger, it is a great inflammatory fighter. Learn more: Here.

Thyme. I just started using this herb as part of my tool kit when I get sick and it packs a whole lot of healing for those of us with respiratory issues. Learn more: Here.

Clove. This aromatic herb will assist in clearing out mucus. Learn more: Here.

Goldenseal and Echinacea. The dynamic duo, no medicine cabinet should be without. Use only when sick. Learn more: Here.

Elderberry. Get this in your system stat! I double down on this stuff and when the kids were little they took a teaspoon every day for 3 weeks on, 1 week off, from November through April. Learn more: Here.

Dr. Nenniger’s Triple Flu Defense. We are currently using this product. There is also Flu-Tone that has been recommended and used by trusted sources.

 B-12. This will keep your energy up when you are dragging. Learn more: Here.


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Brewing a mixture of teas is a wonderful boost to the immune system anytime of year.

Liquids. Filtered water is a must during sickness, lots of clean fresh water. This is an obvious one, but drink a lot more than usual. Drink tea, Echinacea tea, decaf green tea, nettle and lemon balm tea are great for the body aches.

Temperatures. In our house, we let a temperature do its job. It is there to burn off the virus. The link below from NPR describes how the flu virus doesn’t thrive when the body has a temperature, and the immune system goes into fighting mode. Not everyone is comfortable doing this. Do your research. I have included several links to why this might work in your house or not. Learn more: Here. And the link to NPR article: Here.

Hand Washing. Wash your hands! Don’t touch door knobs ever; use a tissue, sleeve or anything else. Train your kids to do the same. Wash your hands with regular soap, not antibacterial, it will kill the good bacteria that needs to take care of the bad ones. For information on antibacterial soap debate click Here.

Fresh air. Don’t discount the healing power of opening the window for 20 minutes a day during the winter months to circulate good fresh, cold air into our homes.

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Fruit. Apples are incredibly high in antioxidants. I eat 1-2 a day and up that to 3-4 during sickness. I will have 2 cup servings of fruit 3x a day during illness.

Clean food. No dairy or animal products during the flu. There is a theory being floated around by the homeopathic community that since the flu is grown using eggs and is incubated through chickens, this food group may feed the flu virus.

Healing foods. Stick with vegetables. Vegetable soups, broths etc. Fruit smoothies with plant protein powder, make it easy for your organs during illness. We are asking our organs to go into battle for us when fighting the flu. Dairy is a problem as it produces mucus, when fighting the flu, there’s enough mucus to go around. More on healing foods: Here.

Air filters. I use 3-4, 3 stage air filters throughout my house which is 3 stories, and about 1800 sq. ft. It is an investment, but I have found they last a minimum of 7+ years or more. I change the filters every 6 months. Beginning of winter and beginning of spring allergies.

Humidifiers. I am a big user of humidifiers. They must be cleaned out regularly or sickness from them can happen as well. I use 2-3 throughout the house in the winter. I also used one in my office at work, along with an air cleaner. I got sideways looks at first, but I was always the one who didn’t get sick, just saying. Learn more: Here.

Prayer and Meditation. When I’m sick, I incorporate healing prayer and meditations to bring the stress of the situation down, there is evidence it works on many levels. Learn more: Here.

Essential Oils. I love essential oils and the stress reducing effect it has. They also help you sleep. Learn more: Here.

You may be thinking, this is a lot of stuff! It is. But it has become a way of life in our house to have our immune systems do what they were programmed to do. Helping our immune system is important because we don’t get enough of all the nutrients we need in our daily diets. Our American diet is filled with processed fillers and other chemicals that wear our systems down. Building a strong immune system will not only help fight the flu, but ward off other unwanted invaders into our systems.

As a side note, I started this journey towards taking control, and gaining better health 3 years ago, by going plant-based with all my food choices. I was a vegetarian prior to this. I sought the assistance of a world renown healers, Anthony Williams and his associate Muneeza Ahmed, after getting sick with pneumonia, that nearly took my life. After that bout, I discovered I am allergic to 90% of the antibiotics and have heart rhythm reactions to pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drugs, except Tylenol. When I go to my doctor, there is not much that can be done, apart from steroids. We can’t fight everything with a steroid. The only logical choice was herbs. I have learned a tremendous amount about their healing properties that are nearly identical to some of their pharmaceutical siblings, without the side effects. (There are studies that support this and studies that don’t, you decide.) I encourage everyone to learn more about staying healthy to fight the good fight, with a fired-up immune system!



6 Replies to “Remaining Calm When Sick …my strategy for tackling the flu.”

    1. Thanks for reading Dianne! We are doing well, so far, keeping this thing on simmer, rather than full on symptoms. Only one person has it, so hopefully it will stay that way!! I appreaciate your comments and well wishes!

  1. Such great recommendations. Even the simplest one like drinking more water. I’m in Florida and my mom and Phil aren’t feeling well. Just read them your blog so hopefully they’ll get better quick. Thanks for the read.

    1. Thank you!! And thanks for the inspiration! I hope they get better soon, we forget about liquids sometimes, so important to healing. Have a wonderful trip. 🙂

  2. You are a well researched, passionate advocate of whole and natural health. An inspiration to me, and I’m certain for many others as well. xoxo

    1. Thank you so much that means a lot!! We have the power to take some control and face illness with a new perspective and less fear. 🙂

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