Karen Duane Johnson

I am a wife, mother, freelance writer, passionate vegan, beach lover, prayer warrior and photographer. I have a great desire to learn and write about the stories that surround our daily lives. The details in our lives that othewise go unnoticed, I don’t want to be in a


hurry anymore. The name of my blog came to me, like most thoughts around 3 AM, while fully awake. The idea to start the blog was just one of the many topics to flash through my mind, along with a grocery list and what to do about all the missing, single socks. We have a one-eyed cat who takes single socks, not pairs (they go into the laundry as pairs) and hides them. We are fairly certain it is a hiding spot that she will never reveal and one that may only be discovered through a major renovation. Yes, she’s that good.

Just a side note, this is a work in progress, like most things in life. I finally decided to tackle this after writing many blogs for companies and other individuals, under their names, it was time to publish my own. My other news; I have finished writing my first fiction, adult contemporary, romance manuscript that I am shopping a literary agent for. I hope to share more news on that project in the near future. I am also done with my second manuscript, a romantic thriller and have started on my third manuscript, a faith-based story of survival based on my own near-death experiences.  I greatly appreciate that you have landed here and are reading my observations on life. –Karen

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